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Website Design Portfolio.

Art is at the heart of 3 Amigos website design. Our designers are artists and our developers are seeks. We pride ourselves on mixing these two sides of website design into a visual and responsive design. We try to create beautiful brands that inspire and delight.

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3 Amigos speak English, Spanish and french. We can help you push your brand farther. contact us about multi-lingual sites.

behind the Curtain.

Some of our most impressive HTLM5 & Apps projects are not listed in our portfolio, due to privacy and contractual obligations. Contact us to arrange a web conference and we can take you on a virtual tour of our products and packages.

A collection of our recent web sites

Hallmark Surgical
HTML5 E-Commerce

An animated html5 web app store, for Hallmark Surgical NZ. Using Magento Commnuity API's for DB and checkout.

See a video about the site here.
HTML5 Wordpress

A fully responsive wordpress theme. Built and designed by 3 Amigos . Designed by our good friends at Non-Standard Issue.
Eco Systems
Wordpress Design

Example of a Wordpress Customised site for Eco-Systems in Lower Hutt
Synergy Printing
Plug & Play

An example of our Wordpress Package Site for Synergy Printing in Kapiti.
Wesley Gardens

A simple & clean wordpress site, Designed by our good friends at Non-Standard Issue. Built by 3Amigos
Capital Market
HR shop
Hallmark Surgical
Symes de Silva
Women's Justice
NZ Wines
Butcher's Hook
Kakaw Sapphire
Sailfish Oasis
Healing Hands
Chiropractie Arnhem
Chiropractie Tonner
World Mural
Velas Nazareno
Spanish School
Mezzanine Home
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